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VideoSearch from Microsearch makes your videos Searchable, Shareable, and Optimized for Search Engines.
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Full text search of the associated timed transcript provided by Microsearch. Either Automatic Speech recognition or for a little more per minute, your transcript can be manually edited for guaranteed accuracy. Whether their search is simple or complex, the results open the video at exactly the right spot.

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Clip and Share. Viewers can highlight sections of text and create virtual video clips to share, virally spreading your video content. This link also provides access to the full version and always brings viewer directly back to your site.

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With Video Search Site, search indexing bots will be able to index the content of your entire video from start to finish for a powerful SEO boost. Keeps your audience in your Video Search site with no sidebars of other videos to tempt them away. Also no external advertising.

About VideoSearch

Searchable. Shareable. Optimized.
Welcome to the future of online video

Are you getting the video viewership that you deserve for your organization? Have you posted informative and engaging videos to your YouTube channel only to see viewers tempted away by other videos before they could explore yours? Are you trying to reach many users with video content, but the title and tag search just isn’t enough.

Get excited. You found the latest idea in making videos both optimized for SEO as well as searchable by your target audience. As an added bonus, your viewers can create virtual clips to share with their friends and colleagues that will bring them back to your collection of videos. Searchable, Shareable, Optimized.

How does it work?

A Microsearch Video Search Site is a separate site of your indexed video transcripts branded to look like your website. Videos can stream from YouTube or Vimeo while the viewer is searching the associated timed transcripts. Transcripts can be automatically generated using ASR (automatic speech recognition) or for a little more per video minute they can be manually perfected to be an exact timed match to the spoken words. The transcript flows alongside as the video plays.

  • When your viewers search for specific words, the video jumps to that point. Viewers can scroll through the transcript and click on a section to watch what they want. Simple or complex searches on full text plus metadata, open your content to your viewers.

  • Simply highlight sections of text to create virtual video clips that can be emailed to friends and colleagues. The full version is there, but the time stamp embedded in the link starts and stops at the right spot.

  • This approach will enhance your SEO as the full transcript is available for the search engine bots. Users stay exclusively within your content. No more annoying ads or temping super-popular videos to steal away your audience.

  • This is brand new, so be the first to have it. Email Microsearch for more information today

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